How To Easily Start Hong Kong Company Formation

Chui Lai and Co CPA was registered in 2 May 2006, then converted as Stephen M.S Lai & Co CPA, on 21 July 2010, and at final changed to Limited company as Stephen M.S Lai & Co CPA Limited. as on  7 December 2011.

Hong Kong has been leading international business and commercial centre of the world. Hong Kong company formation offers an opportunity to start your business in a territory with a stable political system, well developed infrastructure, growing capital market, highly qualified working class and an attractive tax regime. From being one of the vibrant economic regions, Hong Kong offers a supreme location to entrepreneurs and firms to enter in the World’s largest market i.e. Asia (particularly China).

Stephen M.S Lai & Co CPA Limited is the foremost company to be your consultant and offers assistance in Company Formation Hong Kong. The benefit of Hong Kong Company Formation is the favourable tax policy of Hong Kong which includes

  • No sales tax
  • Low profit tax

Hong Kong companies are only subjected to profits tax if profits are derived from Hong Kong at the rate of 16.5% of the net profits.

A simple company formation and legal framework: a foreigner may be the principal shareholder and director of the company. Entrepreneurship freedom, legal stability and no capital deposit obligation serve as the cherry on cake for those looking for great business opening.

Who all can form Company in Hong Kong?

Answer to this question is anybody, any company located anywhere in the world.

Only one person is required utmost and mixture and partnerships of businesses are also equally looked upon.

 Let the experts help you

At Thuy Stev and Stephen M.S Lai & Co CPA Limited we trust that to be effective at beginning up an organization in Hong Kong advances from great business sense and an intensive information of the business environment. This is so in light of the fact that the procedures included are muddled and require significant investment to finish. Thuy Stev and Stephen M.S Lai & Co CPA Limited can kick you off quicker by giving sound counsel and really offer you some assistance with getting through the dull part of the procedure. At last, we know you'll appreciative we welcomed you into offer our assistance.

Advantages of Hong Kong Limited Company

Setting up a limited liable entity in Hong Kong is the most well-known practice, in which the HK Company can appreciate the low expense rate in Hong Kong. It will convey an autonomous accounting book and financial balance in Hong Kong. The benefits of HK CompANY Formation could thus be listed as follows-

  • Anonimity of Shareholder and a Director minimum.
  • No need to reside or rent an office in Hong Kong.
  • No need to employ staff.
  • Stephen M.S Lai & Co CPA Limited is your legal Hong Kong Company Secretary & Office registered address parking.
  • You can open your company bank account anywhere worldwide.
  • Incorporation of a new limited company in 7 working days

Service Package

The formation package consist of a Block File which includes certificate of incorporation, business certificate, five sets of constitution of the newly formed company (it is the General Standard approved by the Hong Kong Company Registry), a register of directors, a register of shareholders, a register of transfer of shares, a register of corporate secretary, and a register of charges.For more details click here.

  • H.K or Offshore Co for Bank A/C

    Use Hong Kong company or Offshore company to open bank accounts in Hong Kong ? Under the amended Money Laundering Law in Hong Kong, it makes it difficult for the banks in Hong Kong open company bank account for offshore companies.  

  • Offshore Company Setup

    Anguilla Company Registration What name is allowed to use ?
    If it is not registered, it is probably allowed to be used. It is a form of Privated Limited Company ? Yes, it is a form of Private Limited Company (IBC).

  • Offshore Bank Accounts

    As the banks have their internal requirements, so we will study your case first and suggest what banks in Hong Kong we can open for you.

  • Why Choosing H.K Offshore ?

    Legal Tax Free – As said above, offshore business is legal tax free. There has no VAT, nor Capital item tax. All director benefits including fees, etc are tax free. Returns from shareholders from local Hong Kong companies or offshore companies are also legal tax free.

  • How to register a Hong Kong company ?

    Please go to the order form section, and downloand the form, and fill up the details and e-mail back to us, together with passport and proof of address which like utility bills which show your name and address on it. Then we will study your case

  • Why Choosing You ?

    We are professional international client base Certified Public Accountants (CPA) firm in Hong Kong. We are in the possession of CPA practising license, and major in practising global tax issues for international clients, global auditing issues, as well as offshore secretarial issues.

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