Amazon Sellers (Australia, USA, Canada, Mexico, UK, France, Italy, Germany, Spain)

Many professional sellers provide sell their products through various shopping platforms, especially Ebay(s), or Amazon(s).

Amazon channels

Once you register Amazon Australia, you can only sell to Amazon Australia, and sell to Australian customers direct. (which include,, and Amazon.mix)

Once you register Amazon USA, you allow to sell to Three Northern American Amazon platforms, namely Amazon USA (that means you sell to USA customers direct), Amazon Canada (that means you sell to Canada customers direct), and Amazon Mexico (that means you sell to Mexico customers direct). (which include,,, Amazon.sp, and

Once you register Amazon UK, you allow to sell to Five EU Amazon platforms, namely Amazon UK (that means you sell to UK customers direct), Amazon Germany (that means you sell to Germany customers direct), Amazon France (that means you sell to France customers direct), Amazon Italy (that means you sell to Italy customers direct), and Amazon Spain (that means you sell to Spain customers direct).