20Sep 2017

when your company set up procedure is completed, and then the next important step is company registration. For your HK company registration, you have to follow several procedures and policies to form your company in a systematic manner. There are the several procedures which you should follow strictly.

  1. First of all, you get approval from Registrar of the company to get the name of your own choices and the name must be unique because two company names cannot be the same.
  2. After that prepare the Memorandum of Association (MOA)
  3. Next step is to get the Article of Association
  4. Then you need to hire the eligible person who prepares the article of association
  5. After that pay all the registration fees
  6. Get the certification of incorporation
  7. After that, the public limited company will provide you the business commencement form.

Register company name with Registrar of the Company

The first and foremost step is to get the approval from Registrar of the company to select the company name of your choice which needs to be unique and related to company services.

Memorandum of Association

Memorandum of Association is the name and signature of the person who subscribes the MOA and going to be the part of the company and it also represents the blueprint of the company that means the structure of the company. The person also states the rules and policies of the company.

Article of Association for company Registry

The Article of Association is the important documents which you need to submit to the Registrar of the Company. These documents explain the internal official structure of the company which is the very important step in the company registration in Hong Kong.

Need to Hire the Person

After getting the Article of Association, you need to hire an eligible person for that who subscribes the AOA.

Registration Fees

All the details regarding fees are mentioned in the Memorandum of Association which you need to pay accordingly.

Certification of incorporation

When you pay all the dues, then you get the certification of incorporation from the ROC. This is the last step

Types of company

You can form the following type of companies by registering at ROC.

  • Public limited company (plc)
  • Private company limited by shares (Ltd, Limited)
  • Limited liability partnership (LLP)
  • Unlimited company
  • Guarantee
  • Limited partnership (LP)
  • European economic interest grouping (EEIG)
  • Societies European (SE): European Union-wide company structure
  • Community interest company

Document Submission

When the company proposed name is to be placed then the next step is to submit the documents for HK Company Registration:-

  • Article of Association
  • Share Certificates
  • Common Seal
  • Corporate Certificates
  • Registers
  • Opening bank account

To corporate Certification means the certification of incorporation, the certificate of registration, the certificate of address and etc. All these certifications will be issued by the registration authorities who will be needed for future references. Another one is Share certificates which are important in the case of Public Limited Company who issues share to the public. Common seal presents the signature which including the name of the company which has to be attested by the officer. Next Point is Registers, which are required legally to maintain the register of the members at the registered office.

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01Aug 2017

Today, the majority of the business investors or entrepreneurs are choosing to set up their business overseas especially in Hong Kong because it offers tremendous features to the outside businessman. Having a free and stable economy, well-developed infrastructure, effective tax structure and much more attracts entrepreneur to establish a company here. As we know, people are running to pay the taxes and Hong Kong offers effective and efficient tax structure. Hong Kong is known for best cities for company formation and incorporation. Let discuss the several advantages which help to motivate the entrepreneur for Hong Kong company formation:-

  • Strategic Locations:-

Hong Kong is strategically located in the heart of the China and Asian Market. It helps for growth and expansion of business globally. Locations vary a lot because the strategic location is not right then you cannot run your business effectively and efficiently. Hong Kong is the doorway to the Chinese market. If you run business in Hong Kong and after that, you want to do business in China also then you can easily do it.

Tax Regime:-

Tax Regime is one of the attractive advantages for the foreign business investors and entrepreneur for Hong Kong Company Incorporation. The majority of business investors are running to pay the taxes and if the Hong Kong government provide them an effective tax regime then why they are not doing business here. The investor is liable to pay 16.5% tax on inside revenue and if the investor is generating the revenue from outside the country then he is liable to pay 0% tax on that revenue. There is no sales tax and any other tax.

Ease of Doing business:-

Hong Kong has a liberal or free economy that is the reason of doing business here. You can open your company in just two weeks. There is no restriction in the inward and outward profit generation, no foreign currency exchange, and no foreign ownership. It is noted for its world-class infrastructure facilities and business premises are easily accessible for company formation Hong Kong. Intellectual Property protection is taken seriously, with strict regulations in place.

Productive Work Force:-

Hong Kong contains a highly well-educated, trained, and skilled workforce. The workforce comprises of a neighborhood ability pool of experienced and entrepreneurial experts who are known to be particularly knowledgeable about the business culture in the quickly developing Mainland cities.

If you want to start a business in overseas then Hong Kong is the ideal choice for Hong Kong Company Formation or Incorporation. Refer to Stephen M.S. Lai & Co CPA Limited provide world-class facilities and easily setup your company in few weeks.

16Feb 2016

The world has become a small place ,with all places in the world connected to each other by some or the other means. The items produced in one part of the world are available world wide, internet connectivity and setting up business unit and subsidiaries in other countries have brought the world closer.

Also setting up of foreign subsidiary units have given a boost to many economies on account of increased cash flow. Thus many countries have simplified their rules and regulations to allow for more offshore companies to setup their business in the country and Hong Kong is one such country which is famous for its highly supporting business environment.

There are many firms which will assist you in setting up offshore companies. Stephen M.S Lai & Co CPA Limited is one of the most trusted consultants in Hong Kong which help you in Offshore Company Incorporation in Hong Kong. They offer a variety of services all of which can be availed from their website. With the help of Stephen M.S Lai & Co CPA Limited, you can easily setup offshore units in the country and open bank accounts with the listed bankers.

They will scrutinise your case and will provide a well defined, comprehensive solution for you which will help you in making informed decisions. Thus with help of Stephen M.S Lai & Co CPA Limited,the task of setting up an offshore account gets easily simplified.. To know more visit their website and have a look at the list of services provided by them.

14Feb 2016

Hong Kong is one of the leading business and commercial centres of the world. There are plenty of opportunities in Hong Kong market; company formation in Hong Kong gives you a chance to setup your company. Hong Kong has a stable political system, good infrastructure, expanding capital market with international business being high there and above all an attractive tax benefits.

For those who are looking for a great start to their business, Hong Kong is the best place for them with aids like simple company formation; foreigner can be shareholder or director, legal stability and no capital deposit.

Anybody from any part of the world can start Company Registration Hong Kong. Whether it’s an individual or a company, they can establish easily in Hong Kong. Experts in Hong Kong say that to be successful in business in other parts of the world you need great business sense and an intensive knowledge with complete information of the business environment.

Stephen M.S Lai & Co CPA Limited is your official and legal company secretary in Hong Kong and they help you in the entire procedure of setting up the business. Another thing is that you don’t need to open bank account in Hong Kong, it can be anywhere worldwide. The process of starting up a new company is so quick that you can setup your company in 7 days.

11Feb 2016

Merits of Company Can Be Known From HK Company Registration

Each and every member of the company unites and shares a fundamental purpose and that is working together as a team and fulfilling the needs and wants. The mixture of the natural people and legal people is termed as company. The association of the people can be created as the legal person so that the limited liability can be accepted in the association. These associations can register themselves as a group of corporate. A death certificate is being needed if the association is being closed due to any kind of losses. These are said to be termed as the intangible person.


There are various kinds of companies. hk company registration can be known from many books which are talking about companies.

The kinds of companies are as follows:

  • Through latent patent, these associations are being formed: There are many corporations by the letters patent which are termed as the corporation sole and not the new ones as today, the term is very much understood in a very precise manner.
  • Companies which are statutory: There are certain associations which have been formed by the private statute passed in the very relevant jurisdiction.
  • Corporations which are charter: The corporation formed by the modern charter is termed as the Bank of England.


The association which is owning the enough voting stock in the another firm to control the operations and the management by electing and influencing the board of members is termed as the parent company. The definition of this association is being differed by its jurisdiction, with the normal definition being defined by the way of laws dealing with those associations or the corporations in that jurisdiction. The associations which are the private ones do not have the opportunity of the publicly traded shares and the restrictions are being kept on the shares which are needing to be transferred. A multiple sub categories of the associations which can be formed in the world with many jurisdictions.


There are lot of roles played by the limited companies. hk company registration information can be known from many websites which are talking about the effective and efficiency job of a association.

  • Separate Entity: The limited company is completely deemed to be a separate legal entity from its owners.
  • Shareholders of employee: There are many employees who are there to purchase a lot of shares and then becoming the shareholders of the associations or the corporations.


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09Feb 2016

Suppose you want to start a company offshore, not at the country you are a citizen of. There are many things you have to do but they are quite simple. You would like to build your company on a territory that is politically secure and stable. Therefore, before starting on the incorporation of the company, one needs to do quite a part of thinking before deciding on a country to start a company. The land should have a proper and very developed infrastructure, a growing and increasing capital market, inclusion of a qualified working class and a tax regime that is flexible and attractive. Make sure that the country you decide on starting your business is a vibrant economic area and is a hub for good companies. Make sure that the target leads of your company are many in number in the region where you are thinking of starting a company.

Articles are drafted as per legal statute

Company incorporation in the country in which you do not live is nothing more different than that of the procedure that governs filing domestic legal affairs and entities. The articles that frame the incorporation are drafted in accordance with the legal statute. The documents get carefully scrutinized and filed under the jurisdiction of the government office by the pen of a licensed company, as needed by the law. After that, the documents of the preliminary offshore company incorporation as well as the registration certificates, along with the location of declaration of a valid and registered agent within the circle of the incorporating jurisdiction are filed with apt agencies. The precise needs for forming companies offshore vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Regardless of the fact, we shall help you in completing the paperwork, your documents will be filed, your registered agent will be set up and the entire process of the incorporation of your company will be initiated.

Various fees need to be paid

Offshore incorporation of a company needs many costs and fees to be paid like to the jurisdiction. Other fees like initial license, disbursements, annual fee for statutory, incorporation fee, post-incorporation structure fee, annual compliance fee. These fees have to be paid irrespective of whatever package is chosen for the company incorporation.

Use trustworthy business tools

Offshore company incorporation is a serious task and this should be undertaken with the company and business tools that are trusted and would not mess up in the future.

08Feb 2016

Some Great Tips on Offshore Company Formation

Many companies happen to be thinking about an offshore company formation. Normally, this is setup in nations which have little tax or no tax whatsoever, like Hong Kong, Panama, and Seychelles, among many more. In addition to that, rules will also be poor and business-friendly. Business proprietors check this out being a chance to earn more, while enhancing and growing their companies. Before you decide to establish an offshore business setup, you should know certain things. First, the organization cannot possess a property in the United States it had been established. Second, it cannot carry business with organizations or people dwelling within the same country.

Find out the type

Lastly, the organization formation cannot hold any share or stocks in almost any company within the same country it had been produced. In beginning offshore company formation, you will find things you need to consider. Find out the type of company and services that you’ll require, the amount of people who definitely are active in the business, and also the offshore jurisdiction that matches what you’re after. Scientific studies are important in any kind of business enterprise. This is also true if you wish to undertake an offshore business. Be aware of different legal forms for offshore companies as well as their particular qualities featuring.

Consider the needs

Consider the needs for each one of the legal form and when these suit your needs. Browse the rules and laws and regulations in each and every offshore location too which means you know where to place business as these govern your company’s processes and transactions. Once you know the particulars, you can start searching for a business that may help you in company formation. These businesses will give you the fundamental services necessary for creating an offshore company. They’ll also provide you with advices about how you need to do it and help you through the entire process. The service charge may also vary based on your requirements.


Next, signing up your company is to follow along with. You have to register the offshore company formation, such as the location, title, structure, and also the procedures. Tax registration is essential and also the process varies with respect to the company’s location. You might need a law practice within the offshore jurisdiction to help you in integrating. It’s also essential to register it within the jurisdiction of their incorporation where it will likely be operating. Make certain that you simply submit all of the needs and purchase the costs required for these sign ups.