China Wfoe Registration

Benefit From Choosing Us For Your China Wfoe Registration and Formation

China WFOE registration (Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise) might look challenging at a first glance, especially as plenty of potential managers and directors are not fully aware of what it implies. As a foreigner, this concept might hide a lot of formalities and unexpected surprises, yet the truth is that there are specific services helping with these procedures – legally and formally.

With all these, knowing what to expect from it is still important. We know what it takes to fulfill the procedure in no time. Furthermore, we try to make this process as smooth as possible. As a potential company director, it is in your interest to know what you step into and what the advantages of such a legal move are.

Most importantly, our China WFOE formation result will give you full independence. What does that mean? Simple! Practically, you get the full freedom to come up with worldwide strategies, plans and techniques of a parent company.

The good news is that you do not necessarily require the involvement and cooperation with a Chinese partner. If you choose to set a different type of company, this kind of involvement is mandatory. Without this necessity, we make it simple to conduct your own business type and stick to the regular techniques that were proven to work in other parts of the world, with no restrictions at all.

Choose Us for a Company, not an Office

WFOE registration with our company has plenty of other advantages. For example, our service allows you to set your own company and not just a random office. Exactly! Simply out, we provide the possibility to carry business in a formal way. Without it, you basically work as an office – an official representative of a large business. Not only you will have to find a parent company, but even if you do, your “office” will be run by different principles, rules and regulations. With these ideas in mind, China WFOE registration will also allow issuing invoices to your clients in RMB. Your financial revenues will also be given in RMB.

Let Us Take Your Finances to the Next Level

The financial benefits of WFOE go even farther than that. To most directors, money represents a floating currency – a floating and continuously transforming value. Without the WFOE status, this is less likely to happen. Why? When you become a wholly foreign owned enterprise, you have the possibility to convert the local profits in RMB into other currencies. This financial move is done for remittance to the original company – the one established in another country.

We know that this WFOE registration benefit may not seem too conclusive at a first glance, yet the truth is that financial transactions are more facile when you avoid losing a fortune on currency exchanges. Basically, we believe that WFOE is not all about gaining benefits in particular procedures, but also about finances.

With these conclusions in mind, WFOE registration is definitely worth some consideration. Sure, it might seem tricky if you are not familiar with Chinese laws and regulations, but we represent a leading service specialized in these things. We make your life easier, but also ensure faster results, so do not hesitate to get in touch with us.