Chinese Wfoe Formation

Main Things You Can Gain From Chinese WFOE Registration and Formation


Chinese WFOE registration (Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise) draws more and more attention among foreigners lately. Why would anyone do that? There are plenty of good reasons to do it, not to mention the benefits associated with it. Controlling operations, gaining freedom and protecting intellectual technologies are just some of the most important ones.

However, Chinese WFOE formation can also get a little tricky to most people, but this is when we step in to help. It sounds challenging for a newbie. In fact, the process is quite bureaucratic. As you are new to the Chinese market, you probably have no idea about the rules, laws, regulations and secrets related to WFOE. For this reason, plenty of potential directors mistakenly give this thought up. It can become piece of cake though. We can help you go through this struggle with minimum effort. Give us the papers we require and we will take care of everything for you.

Most importantly, we believe that the lack of education is the main reason wherefore so many potential managers fail. They have no clue what to expect, what to do and how to do it. They also cannot understand what they can gain if they set WFOE.

Boosting Your Efficiency Overnight

A top-notch efficiency in operations is probably one of the most important things you can gain from the WFOE registration procedure. Think about it for a moment. WFOE formation allows you to respect your original technologies, avoid licenses for imports and exports, gain full control over the human resources and so on. In other words, you follow exactly the same principles and rules you would have to follow in your own country.

Providing Full Control over Management

Apart from the actual operations, we also help you gain control over the management with Chinese WFOE registration. The same goes for the farther growth and development. You do not necessarily need to respect the Chinese laws and regulations when it comes to running the company. Sure, there are some local rules that must not be ignored. But then, the actual running show of your company is solely your responsibility and up to you – we only deal with the easy setup!

Let Us Worry about Rules and Regulations

On a different note, you should know that running business in China without WFOE registration is impossible if you are not in the country for at least two years. There are even more rules to follow though, yet they are less relevant. We will take you through all of them anyhow. For instance, the representative office’s main company must be at least two years old or farther expansion is not allowed. Sure, this may not be a problem for large companies whose histories started decades ago. But if you run a company, you might need to wait for a while. This is why we believe that WFOE formation is ideal for a proper growth. Skip the waiting time with Chinese WFOE registration and let the business flow from day one.

When it comes to other laws and financial aspects, you should know that Chinese WFOE formation limits the shareholder liability. In other words, this liability cannot be higher than the original investment. Forget about never ending trials and judicial fights if something goes wrong. Let us deal with the WFOE, as the actual registration settles such problems with no issues at all. There are no misinterpretations either.

With these ideas in mind, we agree that WFOE formation is certainly worth a shot. In just a few words, the main benefit of Chinese WFOE is related to full control. You can adjust the company to your current requirements, not to mention respecting and following proven and known operational business solutions. You just do not have to adapt to anything at all. But in order to get so far, you need professional help. Leave yourself in our hands and you will not regret the choice.