Company Secretarial Services Hong Kong

Exposing a great expertise, profound legal certification/authenticity and esteemed interest since establishment in Hong Kong in 2006, ‘Chui Lai and Co CPA’ has been acknowledged widely with a distinguished identity as the most trusted and genuine agency assisting superbly a good number of foreign clients by providing its overall apex performance in a range of different services pertaining to company formation, incorporation, accounting, company registration, proprietorship registration, besides, holding company formation services, Hong Kong company secretarial services and many other similar services as well within the most admissible and legal framework.
In the long course and dynamic business perspectives, being more efficient and experienced, we reintroduced our existence in a new form in 2011 as a limited company ‘Stephens MS Lai & Co CPA Limited’ which proved our excelled supremacy to be unsurpassable in the services we provide our foreign clients in respect with company secretarial services in Hong Kong apart from other relevant assistance and earlier services.
Under the effects of paced global scenario, the traditional concepts, limitations, strategies and business methodologies have been transformed and are being redefined worldwide where internet plays a vital role and helps the entire world community come closer. Today, it is possible to set up a new enterprise or to involve with different business matters abroad. Dealing a business, regardless to its size and nature, solely depends upon the flexibility of corporate laws, special assistance, and tax structure and security provisions offered by the Government and legal laws of the country. While on the other hand, legally certified private consultants becomes most supportive in the entire process and acts brilliantly within the standard framework between the company and the Government.
In the present global business concept, Hong Kong, among foreign business tycoons, magnates and entrepreneurs, has become one of the most desirable destinations on the world map. The comfortable, safe, elegant lifestyle, world class gigantic infrastructure, favorable socio-economic and political conditions, lucid corporate laws, generous foreign trade policy and fair tax policy apart from its excellent geographical location, Ideal climate are pleasant weather are some of the most distinguished characteristics that attracts the attention of every business owner to lend some investment here with a view to spread company’s identity. At this point a reliable consultancy for secretarial services in Hong Kong is desirably looked upon.
Why opting a company secretarial services mandatorily
The famous quote ‘Behind every successful man there is a woman’, can be twisted a little in this sense by stating ‘Behind every successful company is a dedicated Company Secretary Services.
The vital importance of choosing a reliable certified and well-established firm, like for company secretarial services in Hong Kong can be better understood under the following arrows.

  1. Helps the businessmen to handle their finances well.
  2. Alarms frequently to improve the productivity and performance.
  3. Timely preparation and submission of all the essential statutory documents.
  4. Awakes regarding any change in terms of company legislation & also the effects that the changes could have on the owner as well as the company directors.
  5. Remains standing aback as the spokesperson of the company.
  6. Acts as a mediator between the company and its Board of Directors, government, shareholders & regulatory authorities.

Why We for Hong Kong Company Secretarial Services

  • ‘Stephens MS Lai & Co CPA Limited’ earlier known as ‘Chui Lai and Co CPA’ proffers an extensive range of different services to its foreign clients from the beginning with the ultimate objective of supreme existence of the company with the par excellence of our Hong Kong Company Secretary.
    A birds’ eye view against the specific characteristics of our most beneficial and prominent Secretarial Services Hong Kong can be had under the given points to choose wisely the most renowned Company Secretarial Services in Hong Kong.

    1. A reliable, certified, well-established, renowned identity since 2006.
    2. Unsurpassable excellency with fair dealing record.
    3. A team of highly qualified, certified, experienced & dedicated certified public accountants, legal advisors, business experts, business & taxation advisors, and other professionals of extreme brilliance.
    4. Promptly opens your company bank account anywhere worldwide.
    5. Incorporation of a new limited company within 7 working days.
    6. Different packages furnishing different services & benefits – choose the most affordable one.
    7. Incessant secretarial services and administration support regardless to the size & nature of the business & the company.

    With all the aforesaid characteristics, benefits and services made available, you will find it easy to understand the market and law governing it besides ensuring that your business is on the right track and with the utmost potential to grow to its maximum potential.
    ‘Stephens MS Lai & Co CPA Limited’ welcomes you warmly for any further assistance. We promise our clients to provide the best support of our ability, knowledge, experience and authority. Please do visit our website for more and detailed information regarding our Hong Kong Company Secretarial Services as well as other notable services too.