Hong kong holding company formation

‘Stephens MS Lai & Co CPA Limited’ earlier known as ‘Chui Lai & Co CPA’, since its inception in 2006 with the utmost certification and authenticity, has been reckoned widely throughout Hong kong for providing a range of tremendous services, such as, company formation, incorporation, accounting, different kinds of company registration, proprietorship registration, along with holding company formation services and many other likewise too within the legal & most admissible framework.

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Hong Kong, in the present arena, being a world class city and an international business destination, by dint of few mentioned below points, furnishes its identity apart apex that draws the attention of most of the foreign Interprenures and business magnates across the globe wish and act legally in the way of Hong Kong holding company formation.

  • Notable social-political conditions & beneficial legal corporate laws, supportive foreign trade policy, favorable tax policy.
  • Easy accessibility of qualified, young and enthusiastic man power/ human resources.
  • Favorable effects of globalization across the world in the 21st
  • Adorable geographical location, Ideal climate & pleasant weather.
  • Magnificent & Engineered Infrastructure, advanced IT services, existing a good number of foreign companies.
  • Aristocratic & secured life style followed by an elite living standard

According to Company law, a company controlled by another company is called a subsidiary company and the controlling company is called a holding company. Ergo, this control is used as the benchmark in company law to determine holding company status. The control can be through control of management or through ownership of shares. In accordance with ‘Companies Act- 2013’ the word holding company is defined as “a company in relation to one or more other companies, meaning a company of which such companies are subsidiary companies”.

In this respect, ‘Stephens MS Lai & Co CPA Limited’ provides to both our existing clients and new ones a perfect assistance for Hong Kong company formation as well as for holding company formation enormously through our incessant consistency with a view to elaborate the dignity of our foremost identity as ‘Chui Lai & Co CPA’. We, being a reliable, supportive, genuine and well – established company never compromise with the quality of our performance which brings ultimate benefits to our clients and our proper support enable them to run the operation lawfully, soothing and developing.

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