Set Up Chinese Wfoe

Why Choose Us To Set Up Chinese WFOE and China Wfoe Setup


You do not have to be a financial expert to realize that China is probably the most powerful economy of the world. The economy skyrockets, so more and more business people focus on getting there and contributing to both the country and their own success. From this point of view, the necessity to set up Chinese WFOE (Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise) becomes an actual necessity.

We are here to make your venture easier and stress-less. To most people, the China WFOE setup procedure might be tricky and challenging, indeed. After all, most foreigners are not familiar with China’s laws and regulations at this level, but a little research can open a lot of doors. Moreover, we are here to help you avoid this worthless educational process, so you can practically bypass this whole bureaucratic aspect. Go straight to the point and let us handle the rest.

Protecting Your Intellectual Technology

There are more reasons to choose us for your WFOE setting in China and they mostly affect the newborn company – or better said, you, the manager. Different people choose to set up WFOE for different reasons, yet some of them are common in everyone. From this point of view, if done correctly, our Chinese WFOE setup allows a full protection of the intellectual technology and strategies.

Basically, we can guarantee that all the know-how considerations and techniques implemented within the company will be properly protected and kept within the company’s limits. The procedure means that you do not have to share them or end up with any Chinese partnerships. Instead, you can conduct them as they are, without giving any of these secrets out.

Providing the Required Education

When not sure why you should set up China WFOE, we will provide more than just the actual result and steps, but we will also educate you according. You might want to know that there are no requirements for the import license of your own products. Interested in getting more of the raw materials or perhaps fully assembled products in the company? Consider it done.

Licensing Help in WFOE at a Glance

Getting a license in China can be quite challenging. When you set up WFOE, it becomes a breeze, as no licensing is required. The same rule applies to the export. Exporting goods and selling them in a different part of the world is piece of cake if you allow us to give you a hand. Otherwise, taking your own products in and out would be one of the most time consuming jobs in the world – not to mention the expenses associated with it.

Supporting Your HR Procedures

Finally, do not overlook the human resources. Exactly! Our WFOE setup comes with multiple benefits over this aspect too. When you overlook the importance to set WFOE, you will have to respect local rules and regulations in terms of human resources. This may not necessarily be too drastic, but it implies getting used to a completely new system and extra rules. Besides, when you set up WFOE, you can maintain the same procedures and employment considerations from the home country.

From our point of view, the WFOE setup procedure is less challenging than adapting to these new rules in human resources.

In conclusion, WFOE setup might seem daunting at first, but the reasons to do it can easily outweigh the “comfort” of not doing it, especially in the long run. This is what we are here for. Leave yourself in our professional hands and conduct business with no hassle at all.