Set up/Create a Company in Hong Kong Online

Hong Kong Limited Company Setup Service

From the first day of inception, furnishing a reliable and authentic existence in 2006, Chui Lai and Co CPA has been counted boldly as the most genuine, recommendable and an affordable ‘International Companies base Tax and Business Consulting firm located in Hong Kong’. Our enlarged and extensive range of legal and swift services assist our foreign clients transforming their dreams for starting a company in Hong Kong come true. We devote our apex expertise for our clients to accomplish all the mandatories within 7 to 10 working days to setup offshore company in Hong Kong of their interest in all regards without any sort of harassment.

Since 2011, ‘Chui Lai and Co CPA’ revitalized its wide and fair recognition with an imposing name ‘Stephen M.S Lai & Co CPA Limited’ and ergo, acquiring the advanced technical and mechanical expertise escalated performances paramount and broaden the range of its services . In the present global arena we are solely engaged in providing services in the different fields, such as, international or Hong Kong statutory and non-statutory audits arrangement services, international corporate tax issues, corporate secretarial issues, establishment and management trust fund, insolvency management services, immigration issues, and Offshore company setup and arrangement of Hong Kong and offshore bank accounts, etc. Our fair dealing record has enhanced our identity across the globe and thus we are confidently recommended by our clients. Hence, in last few years, by dint of extreme experience and authenticity, we have played a vital role in the field of Hong Kong Company set up service and starting a business in Hong Kong, within the legal provisions. We deal equally and efficiently with all our clients (95% foreign and 5% local) coming from different industries, from manufacturing, to services industry to consulting services, of different sizes.

Being a reputed and responsible International Tax and Business Consulting agency, ‘Stephen M.S Lai & Co CPA Limited’ provides its tremendous services in order to set up a company in Hong Kong online.

A quick review on some of the distinctive features that we offer

  • Providing equal services for both private as well as public companies
  • Providing Registered Office Address –Free of cost
  • Company Registration in Hong Kong (within the Legal Procedures)just with a little investment
  • Preparing, maintaining & timely submission of all the essential documents, Incessant secretarial assistance
  • Quick & overall assistance to Set up a Company in Hong Kong Online, either a whole new company or purchasing a ready-made company
  • Documents preparation for Registration- (ex.- AOA, Director’s Resolutions, NNC1); Prepare the statutory documents- (ex.- AOA, Company Signature, Common Seal, Share Certificate Book)
  • Provide 1st Year complete company secretarial services
  • Prepare Company documents to open a valid bank account and arrange appointments of our clients with bank representative at the nearest branch.
  • Dealing with International Corporate Tax Issues on company’s behalf.

To create a Company in Hong Kong or to setup an offshore Company in Hong Kong is of course an entangled task, unless the entire legal rules and step by step provisions are thoroughly known whereas fulfilment of all the essential process and documentation is a mandatory too. Thus, to take the service of a licensed agency becomes an obligatory here and ‘Stephen M.S Lai & Co CPA Limited’ promises proffers you to enjoy all the benefits of Setup Hong Kong Limited Company tremendously.

The world class infrastructure, aristocratic and safe living status, superb Tax benefits, healthy weather and climate and large business market are few specific characteristics that attracts all the business owners across the world to invest and Create Company in Hong Kong. We provide different packages for different services and different tenures. To choose the most desirable, affordable and profitable one is completely depends upon our clients while the quality of services remain unsurpassably unique.

Our key personnel are highly qualified, certified and well experienced whose expertise promise you to opt the best benefits of starting a company in Hong Kong. We possess enough certification to assist our foreign and domestic clients to create company in Hong Kong within the legal frame work. We are dedicated by heart to supply the best services to our clients for the utmost growth and glory of their company in Hong Kong. Feel free to get in touch with us for any suggestion or query pertaining to starting a business in Hong Kong.