UK visa extension services

UK entrepreneurs are allowed to apply for entrepreneur visa UK extension before the expiry of their tier 1 visa.

Tier 1 graduate entrepreneur guidance

For eligibility of extension you have to:

  • Meet eligibility requirements
  • Have been registered as self-employed within 6 months of your UK tier 1 visa.
  • Evidence of being self-employed for at least 3 months before application
  • Have created at least 2 full time jobs
  • Take the Genuine Entrepreneur Test
  • Provide biometric information at certain post office branches
Our consultants guide you in detail regarding the tier 1 entrepreneur dependent visa, evidences and documents regarding extension of entrepreneur visa UK requirements.

Indefinite Leave to Remain
After 5 years of immigration to UK as investor or entrepreneur you can apply for ILR or Indefinite Leave to Remain. Our experts guide you about the application process of ILR.

How to get UK citizenship through investment?
UK allows dual nationality. You and your family are eligible for UK residency through investment if you meet the residency criteria. Our consultants extend their valuable advice to guide you about how to get British citizenship by investment through a process called naturalization.

After you acquire UK nationality, you are eligible to apply for UK passport by investment. Once you get the citizenship, an official ceremony is held and you are granted the certificate of citizenship

Supporting Services
Our services do not confine to tier 1 visa requirements or providing you with the British citizenship by investment options. We also provide supporting services to ensure your smooth entrepreneur immigration UK or the investment migration to UK.

  • Help you secure suitable accommodation
  • Help you find educational institutes for your children
  • Assist you in opening your bank accounts
  • Assist you in applying for insurance policy and basic utilities
  • Assist you in finding and applying for jobs
  • Give you a brief orientation about your location and necessities in UK

Procedure for Application

Planning a UK business immigration? How to invest in government bonds in UK? Follow the following simple procedure to apply for UK investor visa 200 000, UK investor visa 50 000, graduate entrepreneur visa UK, tier 1 immigration or UK citizenship by investment.

  • Submit the UK tier 1 visa requirements form. 
  • We offer free assessment over Skype based upon business entrepreneur visa UK requirements and send the invoice to clients.
  • Clients open their bank account and transfer investment funds in it according to UK investor visa requirements 
  • UK border agency investor visa requires clients to submit their IELTS score, TB clearance and criminal record.
  • Our UK lawyers review the application form, prepare business plan, analyze the supporting documents, prepare client for interview for visa application and assist in visa application.
  • Clients then submit business residence visa UK application in Home Office
Refund Policy

Visa processing takes 3 to 6 months. If entrepreneur visa UK is rejected we refund the fees within 30 days except above disbursements. Criteria for refund includes:

  • tier 1 entrepreneur has submitted true and correct documents and information at the time of applying for investment immigration UK.
  • Client has observed the UK investment immigration policy completely
  • UK tier 1 entrepreneur accepted to take the interview.

How to get finance for your company?
How much to invest in UK to get residency? It is a sum of 200000GBP. There are many businesses looking for funds to grow. You have the option to partner with an on-going business by investing your sum in that business to acquire a business investment visa UK. This way, tier 1 investor will have a business set up in UK meeting the investor visa in UK requirements and the other party shall have the required funds for their growth and operations.

Consult our consultants to guide you in detail regarding the UK investment immigration program under this condition.

F.A.Q UK Visa
What is success rate of UK business visa application?
Due to the invaluable businesses set up for the sake of acquiring entrepreneur visa UK, a stricter scrutiny policy has been issued for UK entrepreneur visa 2015 under the name of Genuine Entrepreneur Test. After 2015, due to this strict test; the rejection rate of visa applications is expected to rise up to 90%.

What is tier 1 entrepreneur fees? Is it refundable?
Many clients have to let go of their money for acquiring lawyers and associates despite of such little percentage of success of tier 1 visa application.
We therefore offer a comprehensive refund policy in case of rejection of the UK startup visa application except the initial disbursements. (Please consult with us regarding the full refund policy)

What is Genuine Entrepreneur Test?
This is a scrutinizing test that assess the credibility, legitimacy and viability of your tier 1 entrepreneur visa application or UK tier 1 investor visa undertaken by Home Office UK. It consists of:
Reviewing your documents
Assessing your business plan
Interview of candidate by UK border agency tier 1 investor visa
If the investor visa UK border agency or the home office investor visa does not find your business plan to add value to UK economy, your application has greater chances of rejection.

What is Points Based System?
UK entrepreneur visa requirements includes a Points Based System. Applicants are required to score 95 points to be granted a visa.

Does 95 score means that t1 visa is granted?
No. Other factors are also taken into assessment before granting a tier 1 visa UK

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